Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Art & Culture





  • Lecture-1: Introductory Lecture

  • Lecture-2: Architecture: Prehistoric Rock Paintings: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Chalcolithic Age.

  • Lecture-3: Arts of Indus Valley Civilization: Religion, Paintings, Pottery etc.

Ancient India





  • Lecture-1: Introductory Lecture

  • Lecture-2: Prehistoric period

  • Lecture-3: Harappa/Indus Valley Civilization (part-1)

Medival India





  • Lecture-1: Introductory Lecture

  • Lecture-2: Early Medieval Period: North India and South India

  • Lecture-3: Sultanate period: Delhi, Vijaywada etc.






  • Lecture-1: Geography Class 11 ( Fundamental of Physical Geography)

  • Lecture-2: Old NCERT (Modern India By Bipin Chandra)

  • Lecture-3: Science Class 10






  • Lecture-1: India-USA

  • Lecture-2: India-Pakistan

  • Lecture-3: India-China

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