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September 5, 2017


GS Paper-1

Indian Society/Art and Culture

  1. How the cult of Ganesha is celebrated outside India

    (The IndianExpress)


GS Paper-2

Government Policies

  1. Failing the test: NEET

(The IndianExpress)

Executive vs Judiciary

  1. Supreme Court seeks government stand on plea challenging Rohingyas’ deportation

(The EconomicsTimes)

International relations

  1. Raja Mandala: Rearranging the BRICS

(Indian Express)

India and its neighborhood- relations

  1. Delhi to Yangon


GS Paper-3

Indian Economy and issues relating to planning

  1. A troubling snapshot of Indian manufacturing


Achievements of Indians in science & technology

  1. Down but not out: on the failed PSLV launch attempt

      (The Hindu) 

Indian Economy and issues relating to planning

  1. Distress Signals: Falling growth, lack of jobs, erratic rains are grim portents

   (Indian Express)

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