UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 31 August 2017




Question-1: Discuss challenges of urbanization in India. What do you think if frequent deluges in cities are result of poor urban infrastructure or is it just natural during Monsoon?

Reference: The Indian Express


Question-2: The tragedy of children with encephalitis dying in a Gorakhpur hospital shows poor state of affairs of India’s public health system. Enumerate the challenges of public health system in India. What can be the solution?

Reference: The Livemint


Question-3: What makes the Article 35A of the Constitution so important for J&K. What do you think,will  removing Article 35A lead to the integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India ?

Reference: The Livemint


Question-4: What factors affect the formation of a person’s attitude towards social problems? In our society, contrasting attitudes are prevalent about many social problems. What contrasting attitudes do you notice about the caste system in our society? How do you explain the existence of these contrasting attitudes?

Reference: The Indian Express

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