UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 24 August 2017




Question-1: The institution of marriage is so sacred and sacrosanct to the Indian society that the demand for criminalizing marital rape has come to criticism from various social quarters. What do you think, should marital rape be criminalized in India? What would be consequences? Discuss.

Reference: The Hindu


Question-2: The latest shift in USA’s strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan is a golden opportunity for India to capitalise. Do you agree? Critically analyse.

Reference: The Indian Express


Question-3: What is Corporate Governance? Discuss the weakness of Corporate Governance in India. How can it be improved?

Reference: The Hindu


Question-4: “Corruption causes misuse of government treasury, administrative inefficiency and obstruction in the path of national development.” Discuss Kautilya’s view.

Reference: The IDSA


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