UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 21 August 2017




Question-1: Discuss the advantages and limitations of solar energy as a renewable resource. Can it really be suffice the ever growing need of energy worldwide? Which geographical features are conducive for tapping solar energy?


1. Solar Nation
2. Ezysolare


Question-2:Panchsheel and NAM were an important phase for India during the times of Nehru. Do you think NAM and Panchsheel have lost its importance in the current situation? Justify your arguments.


1. The IDAS
2. The Hindu


Question-3: Is religious extremism really rising in India? How do you see recent events of J&K in the light of increasing religious intolerance? What should be the way ahead?


Question-4: Do you really think farm loan waiver can solve the agrarian problms? Discuss in the wake of rising farmer’s suicide in India.



 Question-5: What is “Dharma” in Indian cultural and religious ethics? What is “Raj Dharma” according to Indian thinkers? With reference to the ruling class in India, assess the extent of observation of “Dharma” and “Raj Dharma.”

Reference: The Hindu

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