Do the difficult things when they are easy, and do the great things when they are small.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -LAO TZE

This great by a great philosopher comprises of a few words but talks big and deep. This talks about ‘what to do or how can one achieve SOMETHING’. This ‘something’ can be anything that one aspires for.

Some goals seem difficult to achieve while some are easy. But difficulty level or easiness of a goal depends on how badly we want to achieve that goal. You can climb a mountain if you find it adventurous and you might not be able to make a cup of tea if you find it boring. So, the difficulty level of your goal depends on how enthusiastic you are about your goal and how much zeal do you have to achieve that goal. The journey to become to become an IAS officer begins somewhere with setting up a goal, with determination to achieve something and to do something.

Men have conquered mountains, poles and even far off places in space, men have reached heights, with nothing but determination. They started small to achieve big as they trecked on smaller mountains to be able to trek on a steeper one. A single step they took revolutionized the world. One shall realise that ‘‘It always seems impossible unit its done”, as said by Nelson Mandela.

It is true that being an IAS aspirant is a challenging position to be in, the uncertainty hanging around, the rigorous process of every day is like cyclic phenomenon for UPSC aspirants. Surrounded by, daily newspapers and monthly magazines…the life goes on in the streets of Delhi. One only expects for Mukti, the final selection, his/her name in the final list. However, during this whole process what keeps him alive and keeps going is his zeal for his goal.

Every year, there are almost 11 lakh UPSC exam takers and approx one thousand people make it into the final list. You may wonder where the rest may go? To say there is a vast life beyond UPSC, which is also as much colorful as anything else. Preparing for UPSC in itself is a life learning experience which makes one stronger, wiser and abler.

People who believe in themselves make a difference. When a’ Peon’s daughter’, Sandeep Kaur, K Jayaganesh, an ex-waiter’ and ‘a Dowry victim’ Komal Ganatra can beat all the odds to acquire that one position of their dreams, it is indeed a much easier task for every normal person with all the enthusiasm to do so.

”A dream can be achieved,

a destination can be reached

odds can be beaten,

hopes, motives shall be strengthened,

every hard worker be enlightened,

when efforts are heightened,

the future is brightened .”

Every success began somewhere, involved efforts and different processes. Visualise yourself as a painter who can paint a beautiful future that actually becomes a history, and get going on your journey to becoming a civil servant one day.


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